It's all about data

Digitalization puts linked data into context.

It's all about data

Data in context

Data linkages create meaning

Easily link your data into an enterprise-wide data layer, without any data modeling or training.

Create meaning out of data

Enterprise data layer without data modeling

Digital workplace

Proactively receive relevant information for your current context.

Digital workplace

Proactive information delivery

Rediscover your wealth of information

A combi­nation of context-sensitive systems, advanced semantic analytics, and highly scalable tech­nology enable a revo­lutionary form of infor­mation processing.

iQser's semantic tech­nology masters these domains with its unique bottom-up approach, growing together with your continu­ously growing data volumes and busi­ness needs.


Why iQser?

iQser combines next-generation tech­nology with unpara­lleled busi­ness benefits. We value passion, simpli­city, freedom, and integrity – values that define our staff, service, and software.

Our unique semantic tech­nology offers highly efficient data inte­gration and auto­mated data analysis across all content types.

We deliver high scala­bility and low mainte­nance: what more could you want? With our tech­nology, you'll be creating new, inno­vative solutions in no time at all.

High business value


Better, faster, cheaper:
Streamline daily tasks while improving output quality and cutting operating costs.


Total data transparency:
Discover isolated information, encourage synergy, and reduce redundant work.


Empower your employees:
Smart information retrieval raises productivity and relaxes your workday.


Powerful technology base


Simple and fast:
Simple installation and our unique integration concept bring our platform up-and-running in no time. Thanks to automatic analysis with self-optimizing results, no initial effort or system maintenance is necessary.


Optimized for smart data:
Big data overwhelms, but smart data solves problems. iQser is the first semantic provider with a fully scalable semantic analysis. The highly scalable platform is already prepared for your business growth.


Adapts to your needs:
Extensible infrastructure keeps pace with business dynamics, using incremental data integration and semantic analysis to dynamically adapt to changing systems, process, and information needs.

Semantic integration couldn't be easier.

1. Connect your data.

Wait for the automated analysis to do its work, and...

2. Use the results.

You'll be surprised by how smart technology transforms your data!


We'll showcase your data in just four weeks.

Excited? So are we! Let's start building an empowered future today.

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